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Bee Fabulous Moments, Incorporated, a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization, was established in memory to honor the life and legacy of Bronwyn “Bee” Antoinette Greene Richards, who was a victim of domestic violence. The sudden death of Bronwyn had a devastating effect on her family and friends, especially her mother and two children. Her untimely death was the inspiration for the organization, Bee Fabulous Moments, Incorporated. Bee Fabulous Moments will bring to life Bee’s expression of love through fabulous moments that offer encouragement, comfort, and refuge.

Bee Fabulous Moments, Incorporated works with local and state domestic violence organizations to provide services and resources for women and children who have been impacted by domestic violence. Our goal is to create a Fabulous Moment that will provide encouragement, comfort, and refuge. Other services may include, but are not limited to, clothing, educational resources, transportation services, food, and shelter.

  1. What are some Bee Fabulous Moments?

  2. • Movie Night
  3. • Dinner
  4. • Amusement Park
  5. • Sporting Event
  6. • Spa Day
  7. • Personalized Moments as requested

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Our Programs

Bee Fabulous Moments – this is Bee Fabulous Moments, Incorporated core initiative designed to grant fabulous moments to women and children affected by domestic violence. This act of kindness is intended to bring joy and light during difficult times. Requests will be made through a formal request process, then vetted and approved by the Bee Fabulous Moments Board of Directors.

Partner With Purpose – this initiative is to partner with like organizations, groups, agencies or government entities to help support domestic violence shelter needs. This effort will take place throughout the year in memory of Bee.

Bee Fabulous Holiday Moments – this initiative is to deliver holiday cheer to women and children doing the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season.

Because We Care – this initiative is to send a comforting floral arrangement to the families of women who were recently murdered due to domestic violence. This will be done either at funeral, memorial service, or delivered to their homes.

Bee’s Bears – this initiative is to provide teddy bears for each child that enters the doors of a domestic violence shelter throughout the United States.


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