“It's not enough words that can express my gratitude towards "Bee Fabulous Moments". When my daughter was murdered 7.30.16, I was under the weather and had no clue how I would overcome the moments of pain. I felt so ugly and disoriented inside, but somehow I had to keep going for this beautiful baby girl my daughter just gave birth to on 5.9.16. One year later on my granddaughter's 1st Birthday "Bee Fabulous Moments" poured so much love on her and my three sons. Bee Fabulous Moments' love reminded me in my moments of pain with my famous quote, "don't approach the problem being the problem, approach the problem being the solution." Today, I am the solution to ending domestic violence through the #Smile4SmileyLoveMovement in honor of my daughter. Thank you Bee Fabulous Moments.”

~ Queen Afi, PHD, Human Behavior, Mental Health Prof & Founder DVWMT

“I would like to say how Bee Fabulous Moments has blessed me and my family. I was connected to the organization through another fantastic group as my family was experiencing a traumatic time. At best I expected a representative to meet with me and offer services. To my surprise the founder and owner, Tawanda Rooney herself reached out, showed up and blessed me in person. Two years later she is still connected to my family and me. Daily bible scriptures, pop in meetings and a phone call or a text away if I need advice or encouragement. She has taught me the value of “being fabulous to myself in order to be strong for my family”. Bee Fabulous Moments is a wonderful spirit based, effective organization. I’ve been truly blessed to have been connected with Tawanda when life was at an all time low. She’s smart and witty. She’s compassionate and dedicated. Certainly God has favored her for her obedience...A true ambassador for Christ. I wish her and Bee Fabulous Moments continued success as God increases her territory! Be Blessed because you are a blessing to many of us.”

~ Love, Creela Sullivan-Smith

"Thank you so much, Bee Fabulous Moments for your compassionate heart towards those impacted by Domestic Violence. Your caring expression of kindness and support to victims and families have given hope and encouragement to those often feeling alone and helpless…"

It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with Tawanda Rooney and The Bee Fabulous Moments organization. We appreciate your dedication and effort to uplift, encourage and empower individuals and families impacted by Domestic Violence. Your generosity has restored hope and happiness in the lives of families touched by Domestic Violence. Thank you for shinning a light in their darkened world."

~ Carolyn White-Washington, Founder-Executive Director, Sisters4Sisters, Inc.

“Wow, thanks Bee fabulous Moments, I really appreciate this, you’re the best.”


"Thank you so much. This is amazing. I’m so grateful. Everything is beautiful. And it’s what we need. Thank you all so much. God bless you.

~ Timira


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